Iam the end of the World

by Lost Quilt

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released October 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Lost Quilt Oregon

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Track Name: abcdeFOX
It's impossible to say anything anyone wants to hear
Bend it until it breaks then forget it was ever made
Because it's impossible to lay in the same bed next to you
After I fight and lose to telling anything but the truth
Oh my God it's coming down
Outside everything's soaked and the Lillys are coming up
But the birds don't seem to mind
Oh I wish I could fly away and leave behind all of my mistakes
Find someplace warmer and dry

And I don't know why
I lay in bed and keep it all inside
And I don't know why
I try so hard to cover up this lie
I just don't know
I just don't know why I'm not ready
I know
I know that I'm not ready
I like the way I lie

But I like the clarity i feel right now
And I like the way it feels to lay in bed by myself sometimes

Oh I'm sorry dear I led you
Lead you down this road
Oh I'm sorry I lead you down down down
Oh I'm sorry dear, we have fallen off this ledge

I can't be remembered or forgotten
As the guy
The guy who dismantled this whole thing
The thread that destroyed all our warmth in the winter
Unraveling into a football field of regret
The wind outside was creeping through all the cracks and all the holes
Like nails down a board
Or a child's temper tantrum in the middle of a store
It's 4am and soon the sunlight will relieve you
Your howling can subside

I'm doing that thing where I'm at the door
And you saw something but you won't look at me
I fumble with the key
Take my time opening
Remember at least that one time
It was freezing outside
I let you in
Shelter from the mountain

I'm hoping she just might forget it all
With the warm new sun
And a clear perfect day
I'm hoping she just might forget it all

I say I a bunch
All I can think about it myself
And I don't see that well
I don't sit that well
I can't stop thinking about the number one
And It appears to be me
I can't stop looking at myself
When I've been pointing fingers at someone else
I won't stop with the eyes
I won't stop

I'm hoping she just might forget it all
If we bring her a new sun, and perfect day.