by Lost Quilt

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released October 30, 2016



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Lost Quilt Oregon

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Track Name: Breaking the Spillway
When the fear of what you've lost surrounds you
With hope left in a knot thats holding true
Compromise with that beating time bomb
Never doubting your self-pardoned reasons
Break through that glass smile
Stop asking why anything happens
You're born breathe then die
This moment is everything you have wished for

I feel it all inside of me/I forget it's inside of me
I feel it all inside of we/I forget it's inside of we
I feel it all inside of us/we forget it's inside of us

When the love you have is lost don't bother
Blowing air in these lungs or a trip to the hospital
I'm already gone
But if you need another chance i buried it
Under all my regrets

I know I've gone too far i know i don't
I just wanted to hold you i know i don't
Death's become that part of me I know i don't
I feel it all inside of me i know
I feel it all inside i know i don't i know i don't

I know death comes calling in your sleep if you're lucky
In the room where your wealth is
Sleeping in on your 3 digit birthday
Youth and wisdom succumb to the subtle eye and it's wink
We are born between these blinks
But the coals caught fire and everything is burning down
These seeds sprouted in resilience
Call to Eden with an empty cup
Track Name: Ponds
Wash these thoughts off the wall
Clear a new path home
You can see the storm
Let the moon sing it's song
Rest your mind you'll hear love
Feel the chill vibrate bones
The seedlings sprouting
Shape a forest floor
While you search for stones

Hailing from illusions of doubt
You creep into the tomb
With each word that you mouth
Embrace silence
And your flame will never burn out
Track Name: Never two Golden
I'm so full of myself I arrest your thoughts
Think I'm in control of something
This blazing something is a little too hot to hold
This close this tight
It's a little too hot to hold so long
So long

Feel it let go of you
You're light lighter now
A drifting tidal wave
Time has let go of me
But ill never be far
Claiming time you lost to me
You lost

Open the mouth when truth run free
Let the moth shed it's wings
For the teeth of our flame
Brighter than eyes can see
Suspiciously content with loosing everything
I'm content with loosing everything
Track Name: Hell Clocks
How do I disappear? In a mirrored hallway
How do I disappear in a mirrored hallway?
Plainly I see myself the disguise
We're all dressed in
The american dream
Buried to our necks
We swipe at life
Again and again

The cocaine smiles won't last don't last
The cocaine smiles don't last won't last

If change made anything different
We would greet infinity
Nail ourselves to it's cross
And die for tyranny
Build to reach perfection
With our egos at their knees
If change made anything different
This shit wouldn't be clouding out all the stars
When I shut my eyes to see
If change made anything different
We would stop creating it
We would stop creating

Open up wide eyes
Taste the rays ignite the light
Burn useless understandings
Begin to feel why you're born live and die
Peel off that skin, it will be all right
Track Name: Sparing
Flip the page around
Your name escapes the breath
Cascading over the picket fence sound
If you're lost in the light
Feathers cautiously filter
Through airways of ignorance
A blissful pangea
Your mind swells with the lie
But all truth is a symptom of broken expectations
We are all conditionally permanent

(you can't finally see) Blind light Fault lines
You can finally see (blind light fault lines)

Bursting fourth
Enveloped in shadows
I lay to rest my bitter self
Consolidating the raging mind
With an absence of time
I tear myself apart
At the rate of coming together